Sonja is a global thought leader on brand building in the age of digitalisation. With years of international experience in executive roles at BMW Group and on agency side, the award winning marketer is known for her expertise in building premium brands and turning customers into fans through unforgettable it an amazing brand event, a private encounter with HRH Prince Harry or a brand tour to the remote parts of Mongolia.


There's a reason why Sonja is often referred to as The Brand Aficionado!


In 2018 she founded a boutique agency SONNENKIND, focusing on strategic brand development through unforgettable experiences. With her clear vision and targeted approach she has developed many brands internationally and created a large number of ‘best practice’ campaigns with impressive ROI that are adopted worldwide.

Sonja and her team are also offering services to fellow speakers internationally - helping aspiring as well as established speakers to professionally build their premium speaker brand.  

Sonja has a brilliantly sharp mind, gives razor sharp feedback, understands what it takes to develop a brand and easily relates to the task at hand.


Get in touch today and let Sonja's experience and leadership take your brand to the next level!


Sonja Piontek is an acclaimed global keynote speaker that has inspired audiences all over the world  with her engaging speeches.

The top female speaker is regularly booked by multinationals as well as international convention organisers from all over the world. Sonja has spoken in 22 countries and inspired thousands of people from stage.


Sonja is a high energy speaker and generally speaks in English and German...but if bribed with enough Crêpes au Nutella also in French. 


These are the some of the topics Sonja gets booked for most:

  • SOAR - Because you can

  • DARE - Magic happens outside the comfort zone

  • AGILE MINDSET - The only way forward

  • CHANGE - How to embrace it

  • ULTRACREATIVITY© - How it helps you unleash your full potential

  • ULTRACREATIVITY© - Creating Marketing Magic with huge ROI

  • ULTRACREATIVITY© - Brand building in the age of digitalisation


Sonja has successfully published a bestselling intercultural guide book on China in Germany as well as co-authored the international Amazon Bestseller Unleash Your Voice

Sonja is originally from Munich and holds a Masters Degree in Intercultural Business Studies from University Passau/Germany Universitas Padjadjaran/Indonesia. She has lived and worked in 6 different countries: Germany, Austria, Indonesia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Singapore.

Her work is regularly featured in international luxury, lifestyle and travel magazines as well as leading global business publications:


Süddeutsche Zeitung, Portfolio, Prestige, Polo & More, World Travel MagazineBMW Magazine, SPIEGEL Online, Business Times, World Travel Magazine, and others. 


Sonja is a passionate lover of life! The adventurous German strongly believes in always being true to yourself, trusting yourself and following your heart

The brilliant minded business woman feels as comfortable delivering a speech to a huge audience in a tight black dress as she does riding enduro bikes in some remote part of the world. 

Sonja is truly visionary and crystal clear in her approach. Her feedback is exceptionally precise and always to the point. "Cannot" does not exist in her vocabulary. That's how she has helped many people grow in a professional and personal way and that's how she has achieved so many industry firsts. 

To her giving and sharing comes as natural as being a true citizen of the world that loves to travel, loves to ride horses or motorbikes and simply loves the outdoors. 



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Podcast Sonja Piontek with James Taylor on
"The Power of a Premium Speaker Brand" 

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