The book UltraCreativity – The Experiment is a unique book written during a time of global despair. It is to prove that with the right mindset and determination, magic is possible even during the darkest of times. 


As the title suggests, UltraCreativity – The Experiment is an experiment. A tough one that seems impossible to do: creating a bestseller in a week! Part one of the challenge has been successfully achieved: Sonja has written the book and published it on Amazon. All in one week, one very intense, ultracreative, mega productive week with very little sleep. Part two of the challenge is to reach bestseller status on Amazon. Another hard one to crack. The author Sonja Piontek, also known as Ms UltraCreativity, is however confident it can and will be done. 

It will be launched on Saturday, 28th March on

Join this incredible challenge and help me turn this experiment into a full success by ordering your copy. The price is set at 1$ to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

To download the PRESS RELEASE please click here.

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