Create a powerful testimonial video for your brand. Sonja speaks with Vibha Gurtu from the Professional Speaking Association in India

Sonja: Hi! This is Sonja Piontek, Global Keynote Speaker here in the Taj Mahal with Vibha from the Professional Speaking Association in India.

Sonja: Why am I taking a testimonial video with Vibha? First of all, whenever you do a speech and it went okay, or great, or good, try to get as many good testimonials as possible, try to get in with people that don't look like yourself. Obviously Vibha looks Indian, so immediately with someone sees the testimonial they know, “Wow! Sonja speaking internationally. She's a Global Speaker.” To take it here at the Taj Mahal is extremely powerful because it shows within one fraction of a second, where we are. And it's not just where we are, we are in a stunning location, so this just uplifts that testimonial by factor 10.

Sonja: So when I now ask her, “so Vibha how did you like my speech?” What I'm going to get from her is not just a good statement, it's an incredibly powerful statement that will immediately set me apart, apart as a Global Keynote Speaker.

Sonja: “So Vibha, what did you think about my keynote speech yesterday?”

Vibha: It was so inspiring, I must share this with you all because she was her... Sonja was…

Both: Laughs

Sonja: This happens, it happens to all of us. What you do then, you just retake and say, “okay, no worries.”

Sonja: So Vibha, what did you think about my keynote speech yesterday?

Vibha: It was so inspiring, and the whole keynote, and everybody was like, it was a standing ovation for Sonja, and people loved it. Thank you, Sonja for being in PSAI.

Sonja: Thank you so much Vibha. That's how we finished it. We both smile. We've got a fantastic testimonial. Way to go.