How I got to speak in a venue as amazing as the world famous Allianz Arena…

It was my first time!

I am from Munich, yet I had never been in the Allianz Arena. I am simply not a soccer fan.

Then I got a call – none other than the Bavarian State Bank asked me to be the keynote speaker at their important bi-annual employee event. Wow. That was big.

But then they added a sentence that instantly brought this speaking engagement from big to absolutely phenomenal – the venue was going to be… drumroll please…. the very Allianz Arena!

That‘s when it hit me. I wasn‘t just going to speak to the employees of one of the most prestigious banks in my home country – I was actually going to speak to them inside the world famous Allianz Arena. WOW!

We had a number of meetings with the project team, the Vice President and even an alignment lunch with the Board where he offered me to call him by his first name (something extremely rare in Germany). We had these meetings to fully align on the message of my talk and how I could best help them meet the objective of the day.

Then came the big day…. Me, the global keynote speaker who has lived in 6 countries and travelled the world entered her home town’s famous stadium for the very first time. What an unbelievable feeling!

Standing on this stage, looking into thousands of eyes and feeling the vibe of this incredible place was overwhelming in the most beautiful way. For 60 minutes I spoke. For 60 minutes I shared my insights and made the team “ready for change”. For 60 minutes I cherished being a global keynote speaker and being able to inspire people from such an amazing stage.

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