Step 1: The book has been internationally published on Amazon!

Step 2: Let’s make it into a bestseller!

Exactly one week ago I challenged myself: create a bestseller in a week!

Why would anyone do this? After all, it seems impossible to do.

I wanted to prove that with the right mindset and the right tools the impossible is actually possible. One week ago I started the experiment. Today, this incredible project is live on Amazon internationally!

The book contains a multitude of tools, real life examples and deep learnings that are designed to help the reader unleash their potential during this difficult time. It also describes how these were applied in creating this very book: UltraCreativity – The Experiment.

Part one of the experiment has been achieved: the book is written and publicly available.

For part two of the experiment I will need YOUR HELP, I need as many sales as possible to reach bestseller status internationally.

Join this incredible challenge and help  turn this experiment into a full success by ordering your copy today. The price is set at 1$ to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Let’s do this together!