UltraCreativity is an immensely powerful concept and it is beautiful to see how it helps people reach totally new heights.

UltraCreativity is an immensely powerful concept. It's all about unleashing creativity. It's all about unlocking potential. Just being open for change, being open for great new ideas, being open for your full potential, trusting yourself.

Because I truly believe that everyone has potential that's not unleashed yet - be personally, be in teams or even corporations. And regularly get the feedback that people just say, “you know what it wasn't actually that hard. Once I realized that it only takes a few steps. I was actually able to see how much potential I have, how much potential we have as a team, and the results are incredible.”

During my keynote, I give hands on tools, deep insights from years of experience, and how teams, corporations, and also individuals can soar because their minds are open for change.

Listen to your heart.

Behind the comfort zone lies a universe of opportunities. It's all about finding the right attitude and a right mindset to believe in yourself to take that very first step, and then have the determination to pull through because magic will happen for you.

You did it! Wohooo!

It's all about that mindset of just going, you know what, let's just allow this thought to happen. Let's allow this thought to develop. This is what UltraCreativity is all about. Focusing on your strength and just saying yes instead of no.

And I love to empower people in corporations to reach new heights. I love to show people how to trust themselves to step outside the comfort zone. I love to inspire people and help them unleash their full potential.

Soar because you can!

UltraCreativity is an enormously powerful concept that I have developed. It is about being visionary, thinking outside the box, daring to do things differently.

Do things that they haven't done before, or that haven't been done before.

Sonja personifies UltraCreativity in everything she does.