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The top female speaker on unleashing potential,
on creativity and change.



"You have all it takes to be happy and successful in your life!

What you need to do now is spread your phoenix wings and learn to soar."
Sonja Piontek

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Sonja Piontek is a multi-award-winning thought leader, a bestselling author and acclaimed global keynote speaker with an international executive career background. The dynamic German has had incredible success in her life but has equally had to overcome severe challenges.


Sonja has lived in six countries and is often referred to as the top female keynote speaker from Germany. 

Brands love Sonja for her understanding of the corporate world and the ROI she creates. Individuals love her for her authenticity and the powerful results she achieves with them.


Media Sonja Piontek


As a corporate keynote speaker, Sonja has spoken in 31 countries and inspired thousands of people from the stage. She is booked alongside thought leaders such as Markus Lanz, Yuval Noah Harari or Les Brown. Her clients are some of the world's most recognised brands such as Airbus, BMW, Google or Siemens.

Sonja mostly gets booked to speak about the PHOENIX MINDSET - how to truly unleash your full potential, about successfully dealing with change or the secret behind UltraCreativity. 

Watch the video and see for yourself how infectious Sonja's spirit is, how powerful her message is and how audiences react to Sonja. 

Book the leading female keynote speaker from Germany now and let her enrich your conference or event! 

Watch this full speech in German including the world's coolest intro by famous TV host Wolfram Kons.


"Behind the comfort zone lies a universe of opportunities!

It is yours to conquer and yours to explore!
Sonja Piontek


Sonja walks the talk. The charismatic leader has proven what it takes to be(come) successful but also what can be done when things don't go to plan.

After successfully pulling herself out of a deep valley of tears, Sonja developed the PHOENIX MINDSET - a powerful program that has helped people from all nations and backgrounds to unleash their inner phoenix and fly higher and happier than ever before. 

The PHOENIX MINDSET program is customised to you and your needs. From 1:1 coaching to executive management sessions, from corporate PHOENIX EXPERIENCES to meaningful MENTORING JOURNEYS in Mongolia - the form is different, yet the objective is the same: to unleash your true excellence and help you soar to new heights.


Why? Simply because you deserve to be as happy and successful as you possibly can! Don't you agree?!



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No week passes without a thought of Sonja and my gratitude of what she has done for me. Sonja put wind under my wings and taught me to fly again.

Dhwani Rana

Manager, VF Corporation, Singapore


Sonja's potential to see and unleash potential is out of this world! The sessions with her were some of the best days of our lives!

Max & Jonas

Young Star Tenors,
Germany / Italy


Never before have I seen such excellence. Sonja has a rare gift: the combination of vision combined with excellence.

Lewis Pugh

UN Patron of the Oceans, South Africa


Sonja is amazing! Her skills in drawing out hidden potential in people is impressive. She gets my highest recommendation.

Dane Tang

ICF ACC Executive Coach, Singapore

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Sonja's PHOENIX MINDSET program helped my team get through 2021. For me personally, it was the highlight of the  year.

Heinz Seidel

CEO, Ultradent Europe, Germany



Sonja Piontek is a bestselling author that has published several successful books.

Her latest creation is the National Geographic top title Sonnengeflüster - an epic journey through Namibia as well as back into life - with stunning images by pro photographer, travel partner and long term friend Carolyn Strover.



  • Born as an identical twin in Munich, raised by two mothers and extensively exposed to an Indian cult 

  • Early engagements in film and TV, cinema movie with Gudrun Landgrebe

  • Lived in six countries: Germany, Austria, Indonesia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, now between her hometown Munich and Tyrol

  • Speaks five languages

  • Studied Cultural Economics in Germany and Indonesia

  • Enjoyed a successful international executive career at BMW Group

  • Left the corporate world end of 2017 as the Director of Marketing for BMW Asia 

  • Founded the now multi-award-winning agency Sonnenkind Pte Ltd in 2018 in Singapore ("Best Boutique Agency")

  • Became a successful global keynote speaker

  • Awarded twice as leading influencer in branding and marketing

  • Crisis year 2020: loss of her child, her partner and all business assignments

  • Autumn 2020: trip to Namibia

  • Development of the PHOENIX MINDSET program

  • Oct 4, 2021: Publication of Sonja's fifth book – Sonnengeflüster – as National Geographic top title

  • End of 2021: the Phoenix has fully risen and flies higher and happier than ever before

  • 2022: off to new ventures unleashing the PHOENIX MINDSET program


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