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"I help high performers and businesses to elevate their success way beyond monetary aspects without wasting lots of time. 


I achieve this through my extensive international experience and my unusual formats that are focused on clarity, implementation and results."


Most people believe that the time for footprints is only after one's death. What an absurd idea!


Wouldn't it be so much more fulfilling to reach extraordinary heights during your lifetime, to achieve and do the most amazing things, to finally write the book you've always dreamed of, to build success far beyond monetary aspects, to experience incredible things and to have real impact in this world?


Creating a legacy is not necessarily about making millions or reaching millions of people and aiming for fame, that's not what it is about. It is about touching people and living your greatest self!

The time for mediocrity is over. Because, quite simply: ordinary won't change the world!

How about you? Do you think and act big enough?



From the outside, it looks like you have achieved everything, you have 'made it'. Whatever 'it' may represent: money, career, a big title on your business card, an even bigger car, the impressive designer house and maybe even the seemingly perfect family.


A perfect life. Apparently. But deep down you may know the feeling of being 'fulfilled unfulfilled'... this level of emptiness and distant longing for something you might not even have identified - despite all your success. The feeling that this can't be 'it', that there has to be more, that live should once and for all be about you and your innermost potential and dreams.

Do you know this feeling? Yes? Then we should talk!


I'm no big fan of fancy visions, flowery dreams and eccentric ideas.


I am 100% committed to implementation, lasting results, and real ROI.


For me, the result of a top level coaching or a keynote speech is not the vision of a greater life, but the implemented results - concrete, measurable, done!


High performers don't talk about 'speed of implementation', they live it!

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How are you ever going to fly with eagles when you surround yourself with penguins?

How do you want to ascend to new heights if you keep returning to the safety of your familiar environment?

There comes a moment in life when you can turn intelligent self-deception into an unequivocal YES for yourself and your life!

The biggest challenge of self-responsibility is to finally take responsibility for yourself.

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BUNTE magazine describes her as a "powerhouse of inspiration with incredible IQ and EQ".

Sonja Piontek is a successful executive coach, top 100 keynote speaker, SPIEGEL bestselling author and host of the podcast "Create a Living Legacy".


The dynamic German looks back on a successful international career, she left the BMW Group as Director of Marketing.


Today, she helps high performers worldwide to build success far beyond monetary aspects. In her unusual coaching formats, she takes clients to the eagle hunters of Mongolia, on expeditions into the Namib Desert and to their innermost potential.

 "The focus of my work is on creating lasting results and unforgettable experiences. 

My style is unusual but powerful - because ordinary won't change the world!"

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"Sonja is a powerhouse of inspiration!"

Sonja successfully helps companies with the topics: change, mindset, development of potential, success and leadership.


Sonja Piontek is an internationally award-winning top 100 keynote speaker, one of only a handful of German CSPs (Certified Speaking Professionals), she has spoken in 39 countries, inspired thousands of people from the stage and is regularly booked by the big multinational brands.


"Ordinary won't change the world!"

Sonja Piontek's coaching programs are unusual. They are intense and 100% to the point. The focus is on clarity and results.

For maximum output, her 1:1 and group coaching sessions often take place in unexpected locations: at the eagle hunters' in Mongolia, in the vastness of the Namib Desert or in Sonja's Chalet in the Alps.

Her coaching clients include successful business people and entrepreneurs, top athletes and non-boring individuals.


Sonja doesn't work with mediocrity, she works with high performers and high potentials who love and live implementation.


And you know what: most high performers or high potentials don't see themselves as such, so don't be afraid to reach out!


"The best experience of my life!"

Sonja Piontek's loves to create unforgettable money-can't-buy experiences for her clients.


With her award-winning boutique travel agency Sonnenkind Pte Ltd, she offers exceptional formats for private travellers and corporate clients.

Her offer are all about unique experiences, deep cultural insights, exchange at eye level, impact, inspiration, goosebumps, heartfelt giving and amazing memories.


In 2024, Sonja will offer three group formats as well as selected 1:1 expeditions, partly with coaching focus.

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No week passes without a thought of Sonja and my gratitude of what she has done for me.


Sonja put wind under my wings and taught me to fly again.

Dhwani Rana

Senior Manager, VF Corporation, Singapore


The coaching sessions with Sonja were some of the best days of our lives!


Her potential to see and unleash potential is out of this world!

Max & Jonas

Young Star Tenors,
Germany / Italy


I have had two turning points in my career. One was meeting my first mentor, the second was meeting Sonja.


Never before have I seen such excellence. Sonja has a rare gift: the combination of vision combined with excellence.

Lewis Pugh

UN Patron of the Oceans, South Africa


The 1:1 expedition to Namibia was one of the best things I could have done!


During the tour she even helped me write the children's book I had always wanted to write! 

Audrey Brandt

Award winning Interior Designer, USA


Sonja makes things happen.


Simple as that!

Carolyn Strover

National Geographic Fotografin, Germany






This tour is the unique combination of in-depth coaching and an unforgettable journey to one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Are you passionate about Mongolia?​

Is it time to finally do something just for you?

Do you feel somehow 'fulfilled, unfulfilled'?

Can you imagine how impressive it is to hold an eagle on your arm?

If you can answer YES to at least three of these questions, this trip is for you!




In 2023, Sonja organised the first successful crossing of the Namib Desert by an all-female team: 17 women from 12 nationalities, 5 days of hiking, 120 km.

Due to the overwhelming feedback and the many requests, there will be a Namib Desert Expedition for women from all over the world in 2024!!

There are ONLY 4 SLOTS left, so apply quickly if you want to join this unparalleled experience.


You do NOT have to be an exceptional athlete. It's going to be exhausting, but it's doable. For you too!


BUNTE magazine describes her as a "powerhouse of inspiration with incredible IQ and EQ".


Sonja Piontek has a gift to touch people deeply, to eliminate their fear of change and to ignite their courage to reach incredible heights. With unusual tools, she gets her audiences to instantly go into implementation and to reach sustainable success far beyond pure financial aspects. Her style is authentic, full of energy and inspiration. Her focus is on clarity, implementation and results.


The dynamic Munich born has lived in six countries and looks back on a successful executive career. She left the BMW Group after 13 years as the Director of Marketing.


Sonja Piontek's clients include big brands such as Google, Siemens and Alinghi Red Bull Racing, successful international entrepreneurs and world-class athletes.


She is an executive coach, acclaimed keynote speaker, SPIEGEL bestselling author, host of the podcast "Create a Living Legacy" and offers 'money-can't-buy' experiences such as her coaching retreats to Mongolia or her expeditions to the Namib Desert.


As a speaker, she has spoken in 39 countries and inspired thousands of people from the stage. She talks about mindset, success, change, development of potential, and leadership. 


Sonja Piontek is extraordinary, authentic, inspiring and always focused on delivering ROI.


Sonja‘s touching keynote at our global CSO conference was a huge success.


She was rated ’best speaker’ of the three-day event.


CMO, BMW Group Financial Services

Sonja is absolutely inspirational. But she is also grounded in reality.


The solutions, the inspirations just want me to do better at what I do.


Senior Vice President 
Freeman Group, USA

Sonja is an extremely nice person... It happens rarely that you meet someone and immediately think "wow she's incredibly nice" but it sure happened with Sonja. 



Sonja has helped us tremendously in an important transformation process.


I can highly recommend her as a keynote speaker. 


Bayerische Landesbank

Sonja is a powerhouse of inspiration on stage and behind the stage!


Ultradent Europe

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The podcast is not a typical success, personal development or mindset talk. This podcast is about more than monetary successes, fancy buzzwords or a hallelujah for self-development. CREATE A LIVING LEGACY is about real impact, implementation and results.

This podcast is for you if your life is not 'too much', but rather 'not enough'. If mediocrity isn't really an option, if you've already achieved great things (even if you probably don't see it that way... which is the case with many high performers...), if you know the feeling of 'fulfilled unfulfilled' and long for exchange on eye level.

CREATE A LIVING LEGACY takes an unconventional look at life and its incredible possibilities. With exceptional guests from all over the world, deep insights and inspiring stories.

👉 Every Tuesday morning. Do look out for English episodes, they are there!

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